About Our

Our Vision

The leading credit and debt management solution; delivering exceptional results by fortifying credit relationships.
After decades successfully managing credit and debt portfolios for fortune 500 companies, governments and the banking industry we identified relationship-based solutions, strategies and processes deliver far superior results and save stakeholders time, money and reputation.

Working with both creditors and consumers to achieve best industry results whilst building healthy credit relationships.

Our Purpose

Our Mission:
To drive and optimize client results by cultivating and fostering a culture driven
by innovation, collaboration and integrity.

  • Continuously innovate to deliver exceptional results

  • Maximize results by leveraging and fortifying credit relationships

  • Provide structured and interactive mediation services 

  • Identify and provide strategic services to both consumers and creditors

  • Deliver customized solutions for all stages of the credit cycle;

         Origination – Maintenance – Past Due – Restructuring – Asset Sale –
         – Enforcement – Rebuilding 

What We Do

Our Commitment

  • Focus– never losing sight of our clients’ needs and goals

  • Collaboration– providing mediation support based on education and transparency ensuring all parties have a stake in making the right decision for their situations

  • Support – life and business challenges happen, we are committed to finding a way forward with solutions for our clients in an effective, professional, and dignified manner